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Airway Analysis

Airway Analysis

Airway and breathing problems are common and often undiagnosed. We can work with your doctor if we suspect an issue and we can also make oral appliances to address certain problems.

During our consultation, we may determine what can be possibly an indication of a breathing problem. Airway constrictions and breathing difficulties often manifest in the mouth. Alternatively, an underdeveloped small lower jaw may be associated with a narrow airway causing breathing problems. Most of those problems can be diagnosed by carefully studying the individual’s medical history and performing a thorough oral examination. If airway constriction is suspected then a 3D x-ray (CBCT image) can be taken at our office which allows us to detect any airway constriction. With your permission, we can share our diagnosis with your physician to confirm the diagnosis and treat as needed.

Airway Analysis

Oral Appliances to Treat Airway Problems

Removable oral appliances can be worn at night to position the mandible forward, opening up the airway and allowing better breathing. Stock appliances than are bought directly from drugstores or online can be effective but often result in undesirable bite changes. We will carefully design an oral appliance that is effective without harmful effects. Regular monitoring is also recommended to ensure efficacy.

Benefits of oral appliances used for snoring or sleep apnea:

  • Easy to manufacture
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Effective with minimal side effects
  • Can be adjusted as needed
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Functional Appliances for Children with Sleep Apnea

Children with very small mandibles often have a narrow airway with associated breathing problems. Studies have shown the the use of removable functional appliances can be beneficial and effective to address those problems. Additionally, functional appliances are also very effective in overbite correction by redirecting lower jaw and tooth growth. This can be an indication for Phase I early orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of functional appliances:

  • Easy to make
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Minimally invasive & very safe
  • Worn mostly at night
  • Effective in bite correction
  • Can be effective in children with sleep apnea

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