Invisalign Before-and-After Photos

At Band & Wire, we take pride in providing exceptional care and prioritizing the success of our patients. As the area’s #1 Diamond+ Invisalign Provider, we have worked to become an office that our patient’s trust with their smiles and feel supported in. Led by Dr. Ramzi Daibis, who’s years of education and training continue to benefit his patients, we are able to achieve remarkable transformations using Invisalign that would have otherwise required jaw surgeries and braces. We’ve compiled some of our most profound Invisalign before-and-after photos below, but if you’re interested in Invisalign treatment — visit here first.

Meet George

Bite correction using Invisalign.

George, our first patient, came in with a severe open bite, consequently requiring upwards of $10k in jaw surgery. Orthodontists in the area were adamant that he either had surgery or braces as the only treatment options worth trying. When he came into Band & Wire, Dr. Ramzi Daibis decided to try Invisalign, despite the popular opinion. After staying consistent with Invisalign, George’s bite was corrected and he was saved from an awful surgery. We are proud of George’s Invisalign before-and-after photos and are so happy for him!

Meet Michaela

Invisalign before-and-after photos.

Michaela’s smile transformation is beautiful! She was committed to wearing her aligners and now gets to experience the reward of her diligence and hard work. Her photos are some of our most transformative and the impact Invisalign had on her smile was one of a kind!

Meet Jesus

Invisalign patient in Clarendon Hills, IL

Jesus walked into Band & Wire ready to transform his smile, but wanted a discreet option. Dr. Ramzi Daibis recommended that he use Invisalign instead of the traditional route. Jesus’s smile transformation is remarkable, making him feel like a whole new person. We are proud to have been able to provide the solution he was looking for!

Meet Inaaya

Pediatric Invisalign Patient in the Chicagoland area

We’re so proud of one of our youngest patients, Inaaya! She initially had a severe overjet and lip trap that hindered her oral function. With personalized orthodontic treatment, she was able to complete treatment in only nine months! We are so happy for Inaaya and impressed with her dedication to treatment. 

Invisalign Misconceptions

Despite the rumors, Invisalign isn’t just for mild cases. With the right orthodontist, Invisalign can be extremely impactful for patients and correct many oral issues. Invisalign has been revolutionary in the world of orthodontics and it is an effective alternative to braces. As its popularity grows, Invisalign is advancing orthodontics and improving the quality of patient care. 

Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider

We take pride in offering Invisalign as an option for those as young as seven years old. By charging the same fee for Invisalign as braces, you’re able to focus on what’s important – getting the best care possible. The impact Invisalign has had on our patients has been outstanding. Using Invisalign, we have been able to offer the highest level of support and care to our patients, and most importantly — we are able to do so comfortably. Dr. Ramzi is committed to keeping up with the latest technology in orthodontics and providing the highest quality treatment to his patients. We are accepting new patients and would love to begin your Invisalign journey with you. Please call us or visit here to book your consultation today.

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