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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist


Specialized pediatric dental care, dedicated to treating children from infancy until adolescence.

Our specialized pediatric dentist, highly trained team and welcoming office provide a positive and stress-free dental experience to children and parents alike.

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Infant Care

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends bringing children for their first visit to a pediatric dentist as soon as their first tooth appears or by their first birthday.
When you bring your little one to our Clarendon Hills pediatric dentistry office, we’ll examine their mouth, perform a short, baby-friendly dental cleaning, and offer guidance on oral health for babies and toddlers, including when to apply fluoride and how to make daily oral care fun.

First Dental Checkup

At Band & Wire, we know how important these early pediatric dentistry visits are. This is your child’s first impression of the dentist, and we want them to love coming in to see us!

Depending on your child’s age, this visit to the pediatric dentist may include a full exam of the mouth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues to check growth and development. Our compassionate staff is also available to answer any questions and make your child feel safe and supported along the way. 

Here’s what to expect on your child’s first visit to a pediatric dentist in Clarendon Hills:

  • We make your child feel comfortable with our dentists, staff, and the office environment.
  • Our “Smile Team” offers guidance on brushing and flossing.
  • A pediatric dentist answers your questions on diet and positive oral habits.
  • Our team performs a dental cleaning and clinical exam.
  • We offer dental x-rays (if indicated).

Preventive Dentistry

Our primary goal at Band & Wire is to maintain your child’s dental health and prevent problems so they can feel proud of their smile. This begins by teaching children how to brush and floss and eat foods that support a healthy mouth — but healthy habits are only as good as the professional care behind them. Our preventive treatments are recommended by the AAPD.

Supported by cutting-edge technology, our specialized pediatric dentists offer a variety of preventive treatments, including:

  • Regular exams and cleanings
  • Professional fluoride treatment
  • Fissure sealants
  • Athletic mouthguards
  • Silver diamine fluoride treatment
  • Interceptive orthodontics

Restorative Dentistry

Despite everyone’s best efforts, children’s teeth may need restoration or removal because of cavities or trauma. We take a conservative approach so we can preserve the teeth as much as possible.

We offer the following restorative pediatric dental options in our bright, sunny and modern offices in Clarendon Hills:

  • Dental Fillings
  • Nerve Treatments
  • White Crowns
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Space Maintainers
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School Dental Examinations

Did you know that all Illinois children in kindergarten,, as well as school-aged children in grades 2, 6, and 9 must have an oral health examination?

It’s just one more way for families to ensure that proper oral care and hygiene start early and remain supported throughout their kids’ lives. 

And, at Band & Wire, our doctors can help you ensure that your child meets all requirements for school dental examinations. 

Our experienced staff will help walk you through the administrative forms you’ll need, keep you on track with proof of examination deadlines, and conduct thorough examinations that meet Illinois’s standards for all public, private, and parochial schools across the state.

Corrective Dentistry

Many families opt for advanced laser technology in cases of simple gum procedures to remove tight lip attachments (frenectomy) or expose a buried (impacted) tooth. We also offer dental extraction of baby or permanent teeth should it become necessary.

Restorative pediatric dental options offered at our Clarendon Hills offices include:

  • Lip Tie and Tongue Ties (Laser Frenectomy)
  • Pulpal Therapy

Emergency Dental Care

Whether your child is experiencing dental pain or has a dental injury, the pediatric dentistry experts at Band & Wire in Clarendon Hills are here to help.

If your child is experiencing any of the following dental emergencies, contact our office right away:

  • Dental Pain
  • Dental Infections
  • Oral or Facial Swellings
  • Mouth Injuries

Sedation Dentistry

The pediatric dentistry “Smile Team” at Band & Wire is dedicated to treating kids in Clarendon Hills, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Western Springs, and other nearby areas in a stress-free environment.

Dental anxiety, however, is common among children. To ensure your child has the best experience possible, we offer sedation options that are safe for kids. 

Ask your pediatric dentist about our sedation options:

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
  • General Anesthesia

Compassionate Dental Care

Our approach to compassionate dental care services means that we regularly work closely with special needs patients and families. Our board-certified orthodontists and staff have deep experience and expertise offering customized pediatric dentistry to children with sensory issues as well.

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Our Approach to Pediatric Dentistry in Clarendon Hills, Il

Band & Wire consists of a knowledgeable team of specialists and a caring “Smile Team”. We value the relationships we form with every family in Chicago’s west suburbs and look forward to welcoming your child to our dental office in Clarendon Hills, Il.

Take a look at what governs our practice and values so you know why you can depend on nothing less than quality care and leading-edge pediatric dentistry services for your child at Band & Wire.

High-Quality Care

At Band & Wire, every aspect of your visit is designed to give you and your child the best in dental, orthodontic, and oral care and an overall positive experience. Besides our FREE Smile Consultations, we also offer comprehensive and simple financing options to keep quality dental care accessible to all residents in Chicago’s west suburbs. 

Top-of-the-Line Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities and a broad range of pediatric dental services ensure superior care for all of our patients.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are continuously improving our practice and are committed to using industry-leading technology and equipment.  

Friendly and Welcoming Team

Our “Smile Team,” led by Band & Wire Co-Founders and Co-Owners Dr. Ramzi Daibis and Dr. Tamara Oweis, along with the support of Dr. Diana Lee and a vibrant team of clinical assistants, provides a secure, comfortable, and gentle kid friendly atmosphere. 

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Most of our patients are kids, ranging from age one to teens. It’s our mission to empower children of all ages with excellent oral care and the knowledge they need to take care of their smiles throughout their lives.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and book an appointment at our office. We’re located in Clarendon Hills, but we also serve the Downers Grove, Westmont, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Western Springs, and La Grange communities.

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Pediatric Dental Services & Hours

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We are located in Clarendon Hills, but we also serve the communities of Hinsdale, Westmont, Oak Brook, Western Springs, Downers Grove, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, and La Grange.


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