Braces Pain and Discomfort

There’s no way around it: getting your braces tightened can HURT. Everyone reacts differently but most people experience soreness for a few days after. This happens because, of course, your teeth are moving. The affected blood flow is what creates inflammation, which is typically unknown by patients. Patients also experience discomfort because the inside of your mouth isn’t used to having wires there and can get irritated. Even though braces change peoples lives, health, and self esteem, no one is wholly exempt from temporary discomfort. But, there are some things we can do to make it easier. We introduce you to the best Amazon products for braces relief.

Comfort Covers

I don’t know where these were when I went through my orthodontic journey, but they would have been a life saver. Inarguably one of the worst feelings in the world is having your braces rub against the inside of your mouth, causing minor cuts. These reusable covers  work against minor cuts and blisters to keep you comfortable. Reviews rave about how relieving these have been, one stating, “These were a lifesaver for me!” Reviews say these work better than wax and last longer than the alternatives. On the flip side, others say these are best for at-home use as they look “kinda like a mouth guard,” but can be worn anywhere if it doesn’t bother you. Other reviews say these are best when you “only have the brackets,” without hooks or bands. Regardless, they seem worth a try! 

Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash

Staying on the topic of caring for blisters and cuts, Dentists recommend Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash time and time again. It works less as prevention and more as a boost in the healing process. Incorporating hydrogen peroxide, this mouthwash is said to speed up the healing process and keep wounds clean. 27,213 patients have given this five-star reviews, and many say it helps with sores and certain pain. This stuff is good even if you don’t have braces because it’s said to help with canker sores, inflammation, and other minor oral wounds.

Anbesol Gel

Braces wearers swear by Anbesol Gel for good reason. This gel features Benzocaine, which is known for its numbing effects and makes it perfect for relieving soreness. After application, it quickly kicks in and is discreet since it’s clear. Also- it comes in a small tube so it’s easy to take with you on-the-go. Reviews say the relief lasts and is the best on the market. 

Orajel Soothing Toothache Rinse

This rinse is raved about on TikTok. The active ingredients, Benzyl Alcohol and Zinc Chloride, work as pain relief and oral astringents. Reviewers say it relieves pain and is the best mouth rinse they’ve found. Dentists trust Orajel because it is effective. If you’ve been experiencing either minor cuts from your braces or soreness, this is worth buying.


OrthoDots are even better than traditional braces wax. They’re made from silicone and moisture activated so they stay on longer, and work on the edges of clear aligners too. OrthoDots are totally clear and pre shaped to fit your brackets so they’re discreet. Reviews rave about how long these last, how good they feel, and most people claim to repurchase.


We highly recommend these products for braces pain relief because they are effective. Providing the highest quality care possible is our priority as well as the comfort of our patients. We are accepting new patients. Please call or visit the website here to book your free consultation today.