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Accelerated Orthodontics

accelerated orthodontics

Do you have an event coming up soon and need to finish your orthodontic treatment faster? Accelerated orthodontics may be the answer!

Accelerated orthodontics is a generic term that refers to various techniques and methods which expedite orthodontic treatment and allow finishing it in a shorter period of time. Orthodontic treatment can take several months and even years to be completed. This deters many from pursuing orthodontic treatment especially adults. A few techniques have been implemented over the last few years to expedite orthodontic treatment, some of which are effective while some others do not really make a difference.

accelerated orthodontics

AcceleDent® Optima

Acceledent® Optima is a U-shaped device that generates calibrated vibrations called micropulses which transmit through the teeth to the surrounding tissues. Theoretically, these vibrations generate a biological activity that speeds up tooth movement and reduces pain and discomfort. Laboratory research was promising but the majority of clinical studies failed to demonstrate any real advantages. Clinical response from patients has been anecdotally positive but a lot of work needs to be done to prove the efficacy of Acceldent.

Advantages of Acceledent® Aura

  • FDA approved
  • Harmless
  • Easy to use
  • Only requires 20 minutes of wear/day
  • Wear activity can be tracked

Propel VPro+

Propel VPro+ is a device that generates high frequency vibrations encouraging biological activity around teeth thus enhancing their movement and reducing discomfort. It only needs to be worn for 5 minutes a day. It is a fairly new device without much clinical studies to back up the claims made by its manufacturer.

Advantges of VPro+

  • FDA approved
  • Safe to use
  • Should be worn for only 5 minutes a day

Propel Micro-Osteoperforation

Micro-Osteoperforation is a technique in which really small holes are drilled into gum tissue around the teeth roots. Propel manufactures a number of FDA-cleared devices for that purpose. The technique is effective but is more invasive than other methods since it requires local anesthesia and involves a recovery period.

Advantages of Micro-Osteoperforation

  • Can truly speed up tooth movement
  • Safe, if done properly
  • "Acceleration" effect last for 3-4 months

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