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Solea is a revolutionary technology that completely changes how dentists work on patients. Patients no longer have to worry about anesthesia.

What is the Solea Laser?

Solea is a revolutionary technology that completely changes how dentists work on patients. Patients no longer have to worry about anesthesia, needles, or drills with Solea. This technology replaces traditional tools in a dentist’s office with a simple approach that does it all.

The Solea Laser is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved dental tool used to treat gums and teeth. The dental laser easily cleans hard and soft tissue to treat common problems and efficiently complete complex surgeries. 

Convergent Dental in Boston, MA, and researchers at the University of California School of Dentistry put their minds together to help patients comfortably visit the dentist. Solea is silent, vibrationless, and causes virtually no pain. 

Best of all, it rarely requires anesthesia. 

So how does it work?

The Solea Laser uses carbon dioxide (CO₂) to tackle tough dental procedures while being sensitive to protect your gums or teeth during soft tissue procedures. With its unique wavelength and state-of-the-art computer system guiding the dentist, Solea gets the job done the first time and rarely requires multiple visits.

At Band & Wire, our mission continues to remain a focus on changing your life through your dental work — and that’s why Solea laser dentistry aligns with our promise to offer high-quality, highly-personalized treatment options for all our patients. For all our patients across Clarendon Hills, IL, our aim remains changing lives one smile at a time.

Why We Recommend Using Solea

As the top orthodontist in the Chicago suburbs, we recommend Solea for patients who want to see fast, effective results. 

Time and again, Dr. Ramzi Daibis and Dr. Tamara Oweis hear from patients about the proven benefits of Solea for their smile and experience:

  • Enjoy quick appointments
  • Minimize your dentist visits
  • Resume your daily activities immediately 
  • Eliminate dentophobia

Explore the benefits of Solea laser dentistry for yourself during your next dental office visit with Band and Wire.

Benefit #1: Enjoy Quick Appointments

Part of why your typical dental appointment takes so long is that a dentist needs several tools and appliances to care for your teeth properly.

With Solea, our dental team uses just one tool — so your trips are fast and efficient. 

Benefit #2: Minimize Your Dentist Visits

With Solea procedures, you don’t need to worry about multiple appointments for particular problems.

Solea dental lasers are efficient enough so your dentist can work faster and complete complex jobs in less time. You won’t have to worry about scheduling multiple visits for a procedure. We can take care of it in one visit.

Benefit #3: Resume Your Daily Activities Immediately

The ease and speed of the Solea method of laser dentistry are just some of its benefits. Convenience and comfort are also significant factors when considering your overall dental experience. Most of our patients rarely need anesthesia or other numbing procedures. So, you can go back to work, school, and dinner without numb lips, tongues, or gums.

Benefit #4: Reduce Your Dentophobia

For those who want to improve their oral hygiene and health, fear of the dentist (dentophobia) is a crippling condition that mentally, emotionally, and physically impairs you. Let Dr. Ramzi Daibis and Dr. Tamara Oweis help you overcome your fears with Solea’s pain-free procedures.

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How is Solea Different From Regular Dental Tools 

Solea stands a class apart from standard dental tools — here are just some of the ways this dental laser option is second to none:

Solea dental laser is a multipurpose tool and replaces the need for several other pieces of equipment. This unique tool works on hard and soft tissue procedures and bone. When you visit a dentist that uses Solea, you’ll find they can get the job done quickly because they’re not constantly switching drills and scalpels. Solea can do it all!

Solea dental procedures are less invasive than any other tool in the office. Using properly calibrated wavelengths, your dentist will get the job done right the first time. With quick efficiency, you won’t be tired from keeping your mouth open for what feels like hours. You won’t experience uncomfortable scraping, pulling, scratching, or rinsing. 21st-century technology takes care of it for you.

Solea dental laser saves everyone time. One of the biggest deterrents to visiting the dentist’s office is the time commitment. Part of the long wait is the number of tools needed for a traditional job, but anesthesia and numbing procedures also take a lot of time.

When a dentist applies anesthesia or numbs your gums with a needle, they must wait for the solution to take effect. A responsible dentist would rather be safe than sorry, so they will give you enough time to ensure you’re numb. But with Solea’s dental laser, the dentist doesn’t have to wait. Most patients never need numbing or anesthesia with Solea, so the procedures finish quicker than usual.

Solea procedures are different from any other tool a dentist has ever used. Not only does it take care of the patient, but Soela simplifies a dentist’s toolbox and lets them help more patients than possible.

Choose Laser Dentistry from Clarendon Hills' Best Pediatric Dentist

Whether you’re looking to heal gum disease, are a candidate for more complex surgeries, or experience dental anxiety, Solea is designed to change the total dental experience for your family. 

At Band & Wire, our board-certified orthodontists are committed to ensuring that your treatment options are entirely customized, comfortable, and convenient enough that you can return to your daily life immediately following your appointment. And Solea patients will confirm: these anesthesia-free laser treatments can completely transform both your smile and your dental experience. 

Ask any of our friendly office staff members for further details on Solea and prepare for a changed perspective! Book your appointment today at our bright, professional dental offices in Clarendon Hills, IL.


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