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iTero Element Scanner

Itero Element Scanner

Our 3D scanners capture the shape of your teeth within minutes. Plus, you get to see what they look like once they’re straight in a matter of seconds!

The introduction of 3D digital scanners revolutionized dentistry and orthodontics. The iTero Element scanner is one of the most advanced scanners in the dental and orthodontic world. The concept is simple but the technology is absolutely amazing. A wand is used to scan the teeth and create a 3-dimensional model within a few minutes. This 3D model can in turn be used for diagnosis, treatment planning, manufacturing of appliances and retainers and treatment simulation.
An impressive feature of the iTero scanner is the “virtual treatment outcome” which can demonstrate what teeth would look like after finishing orthodontic treatment. Obviously, the outcome simulator is an approximation but can be very helpful in demonstrating what to expect from your orthodontic treatment. We offer a complimentary scan and treatment outcome simulation to all of our patients in our smile consultation.

Itero Element Scanner

iTero for Invisalign

The iTero Element scanner makes Invisalign treatment even faster, more comfortable and more predictable.

Advantages of using iTero for Invisalign

  • More comfortable than impressions (mold)
  • Faster treatment planning and processing
  • Invisalign trays are made faster
  • Better fitting and more comfortable aligners
  • Treatment outcome simulator allows you to see potential treatment results
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Orthodontic Consultations are free

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