Healthy Fall Snacks

Navigating healthy eating during fall can be tricky. Sugar is everywhere because of classroom parties and Halloween around the corner. Consuming an excess amount of added sugar can cause insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and a list of other health declinations. As a pediatric dental office, we’re well versed in the effects sugar has on oral health. Consuming too much sugar can consequently cause tooth decay which escalates quickly. We hope these Pinterest-worthy snacks give you inspiration!

Clementine pumpkins

These are adorable! Taking a peeled clementine and a small celery stick, you can create mini “pumpkins.” It’s important to stay mindful of the acidity in citrus fruits, but serving this with dairy or whole grains on the side can help balance this out.

Apple smiles

These aren’t amazing in terms of sugar– but are better than most. Take two apple slices with a thin layer of peanut butter and stack mini marshmallows between each slice to create a smile! They may not totally scream fall– but are seasonal. Besides, if your kids are happy- that’s what matters!

Witches brooms

These are perfect for Halloween season, equally fun and healthy. First, you’ll cut string cheese into thirds and string the ends to act as the broom itself. Stick mini pretzels into the end, and you’re good to go! It’s so simple and kids love how obviously they fit into Halloween . String cheese is packed with calcium and you can use whole grain pretzels for an added boost of fiber.

Pumpkin carrots

Your kids will love these since they’re so cute! After peeling a carrot, cut two small triangles parallel from each other with a gap in between to act as the stem. Cut into coins and serve with no sugar added ranch or hummus. Regardless of how perfect they turn out, it’s a fun way to eat more veggies.

Apple chips

These are ADDICTING air fried. Cut your apple on its side into super thin slices, about 1/8th of an inch and sprinkle in cinnamon. Lay them flat in the air fryer basket and try not to layer them. Fry at 300F for 15 minutes for the perfect crisp.


Healthy eating can be made easy with the right tools. It doesn’t have to be boring either– with Pinterest and a little extra trial and error, it can be fun! Sugar shouldn’t necessarily be feared either. After all, it can be incorporated in a balanced diet in moderate amounts. Altogether, sugar should be limited to the recommended amount of >6 teaspoons. We hope you liked these healthy fall snacks.

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