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Band & Wire changes the game in pediatric dentistry because of its exclusive technology and unique approach. Founded in 2018 and constantly innovated since, our team is up to date with the trends and latest practices. There are about a million things that make us who we are, but these are our favorites.

Our modern environment is child-centered without the childlike appearance. Having kids ourselves, we wanted to create a luxurious feel for our parents. The first thing that you’ll notice when you walk into the office is an open space with lots of natural light. The design is minimalistic and every piece in our lobby is one of high quality. That aesthetic continues through the entire office. We firmly believe that a clear space creates a clear mind.

Advanced technology

Band & Wire’s design isn’t the only modern approach that we take. We are the exclusive providers of the Solea Laser and proudly home to two amazing laser dentists, Dr. Lee and Dr. Deric Truskoski. The main benefit of laser dentistry is that traditional instruments (needles and drills) are removed from practice almost entirely. Because of this, parents have been positively surprised with the difference they experience comparing the Solea to traditional dentistry. It’s pain free, quiet, and rapidly speeds up recovery time. Other than the Solea, we are able to comfortably do X-rays and 3D scans from the chair without any uncomfortable or clunky instruments. Overall, everything is easier here.

The kids

We pamper our patients however we can! Investing in Roku TV’s (and a Disney+ subscription) above every chair keeps our kids entertained. Our patients love getting to pick out their favorite shows, and their parents love how quiet they are. Our No Cavity Club has been a hit and a new patient is chosen every month to win a prize, from Squishmallows to VTech smartwatches. We are always restocking on prizes, and teenagers aren’t left out of the equation either since we keep Starbucks gift cards on hand.

We are accepting new patients

Our team takes pediatric dentistry very seriously. Just like your health, we understand that your time is valuable and should be treated as an investment. Busy schedules are the norm these days and fitting in appointments shouldn’t be dreaded. We are dedicated to providing positive experiences for our families and are so thankful for every family that chooses us. Band & Wire is accepting new patients, please call the office or visit here to book your child’s free consultation today.