The Solea Laser at Band & Wire

Band & Wire is the exclusive provider of the Solea laser, the most advanced dental laser on the market. Our pediatric laser dentists, Dr. Deric and Dr. Lee, are rigorously trained and both members of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. The Solea laser is a CO2 laser cooperative with both hard and soft tissue. This laser is unique because it allows us to remove traditional instruments, AKA needles and drills, from your child’s appointment. This has revolutionized dentistry and brought comfort to our patients. Today we want to answer our top questions.

Is the Solea Laser safe?

The Solea Laser is the most advanced dental laser on the market and is trusted by professionals for its safety. Its easy to target small areas due to its precision and reduced bleeding. It provides a sterilizing effect. Our team of pediatric dentists take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. This includes wearing glasses, keeping a warning sign on the (closed) door, and maintaining a calm environment. This laser has been approved for dental use on both hard and soft tissue.

Are there side effects after a Solea procedure?

The Solea is known for near-instant recovery. Depending on the procedure, patents are able to eat and drink right away! Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity or have a tissue reaction in rare cases. The list of side effects are cut short when compared to traditional dentistry. Patients most likely won’t even experience numbness because anesthesia is removed from most procedures.

Is the Solea Laser more effective than traditional instruments?

While the Solea is overall very effective, this question depends on the procedure. There is no black-or-white answer, but it increases effectiveness on certain procedures. For things like cavity preparation, the laser can be much more effective because it reduces pain and offers precision. At Band & Wire, we always choose the best option based on individual needs — whether we end up choosing the Solea or a traditional route.

Is the Solea Laser safe for kids?

YES! In fact, we exclusively use the laser on our pediatric patients. It allows us to get rid of traditional instruments which takes away the “fear factor” of visiting to the dentist for most children. The laser is quiet and pain free– ideal for nervous kids. Our laser dentists highly recommend the Solea for our pediatric patients. In fact, Dr. Deric currently offers laser frenectomies for children as young as newborns.

Can the Solea Laser whiten teeth?

No, it can’t whiten teeth. It was designed for procedures like cavity preparation, oral surgeries, and gum treatments. We recommend using products intended for whitening teeth, such as Crest 3D Whitening strips.


The Solea Laser has changed the game at Band & Wire. We’re so happy to have this technology and our parents are thrilled. We are the exclusive providers of the Solea Laser in the area. A pain-free experience is what sets us apart from other offices. We are accepting new patients, please call or visit here to book your child’s free consultation today.