Infant Lip Ties

Breastfeeding can be a very sensitive subject for new mothers, and the idea of a lip tie release can be scary. Breastfeeding is an experience that new moms want to have and look forward to. Unfortunately, a lip tie can deter your ability from this happening because of movement restriction. A lip tie is when the upper lip is connected to the top of the mouth– AKA the frenulum. Untreated lip ties can create lots of challenges for both you and your baby. Today we’re going to discuss the cons of having a lip tie and the pros of release.

Inefficient Breastfeeding

Feeding can be a challenging experience for your baby with a lip tie, therefore causing mothers stress. Limited movement makes latching difficult, which causes low milk transfer and possible trouble gaining weight. The excess tissue connecting the lip to the frenulum may also cause bleeding or irritation from resisted movement. Transitioning into solid foods can be difficult if left untreated.

Pain for the Mother

Having a lip tie can negatively impact you as the mother too. Soreness is common and often brought up when consulting for lip tie releases. Discomfort can get worse, caused by blocked milk ducts. Inefficient feeding can contribute to low milk supply. The list goes on with ways a lip tie affects mothers and it isn’t a fun experience for anyone. Above all, stress greatly affects mothers.

Prolonged Issues

Problems caused by lip ties can carry into adulthood and cover a range of new concerns. Eating is the most prevalent and continues to persist. Besides eating, a lip tie can cause crowded teeth due to limited dental growth. Limited movement often delays speech development and results in speech impediments later in life. Mouth breathing, hygiene issues, and sleep disordered breathing are other potential symptoms of an untreated lip tie.

Dr. Deric

Our pediatric laser dentist, Dr. Deric, offers releases at Band & Wire in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Dr. Deric also serves those in Hinsdale, Westmont, Oak Brook, Western Springs, Downers Grove, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, and La Grange. He performs lip (and tongue) tie releases using the Solea Laser, which is the most advanced CO2 laser on the market. The Solea Laser gives a more comfortable experience with like-instant recovery time. Dr. Deric has a passion for pediatric dentistry and is dedicated to supporting you and your child. Learn more about Dr. Deric here.

Positive Experience Breastfeeding

The most obvious benefit for your baby is a positive experience breastfeeding. Improved milk transfer may improve weight gain from eating more. With a wider range of motion, pain decreases for most babies (and their mothers!). Improved eating can help mood, sleep, weight, and overall health.

Comfortable for the Mother

Breastfeeding is improved for you as the mother. Breastfeeding is something that lots of mothers look forward to, and taking care of your baby’s lip tie can make it so much more comfortable. Efficient breastfeeding can increase milk supply. Lots of mothers experience a decrease in stress once they are comfortable and know that their babies are as well.

Lifelong Improvement

Our final point is that the benefits of a lip tie are lifelong. The quality of life that your baby experiences now will carry into adulthood. Since a lip tie can impact the transition into solid foods, it can negatively impact eating for adults. Having a lip tie release can avoid speech delays and other speech problems. Your baby will ultimately likely grow into a comfortable and healthy adult after avoiding so many dental issues.

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There are so many pros to treating your baby’s lip tie. Lip tie procedures are safe and effective. Thanks to recent advancements and the Solea laser, releases are also virtually pain free! Dr. Deric is accepting new patients and is happy to guide you through this journey. Please call or visit here to schedule your consultation today.