Why do I need retainers anyway?

Teeth have a tendency to shift for a variety of reasons. Retainers will keep your teeth in place after finishing your orthodontic treatment and guarantee you a beautiful smile for many years!

How long should I wear my retainers for?

Generally speaking, we recommend wearing removable retainer for 3-6 months all the time (during the day and also at night during sleep). Afterwards, you may start wearing your retainers only while you’re sleeping. You should do so indefinitely to make sure your teeth do not shift!
If you have a permanent retainer, wearing your removable retainer on top of it is recommended only while your sleeping. Keep in mind that every case is unique and may require a different amount of time of retainer wear. Wear your removable retainer as instructed by our doctors.

What is a permanent retainer for? For how long do I get to keep it?

A permanent retainer is a metal wire that is cemented behind your front teeth to make sure they do not shift after treatment. If placed, a permanent retainer should be maintained for as many years as possible. It is highly recommended to have it repaired/replaced if it breaks even years after finishing treatment. If your dentist requests the removal of the permanent retainer please let us know and we’ll advise you on how to proceed.

Why is it important to use your retainer case?

If you take off your retainer please put it in the case we gave you. Do not wrap your retainer in a napkin because this is how it usually gets lost or broken. Keep your retainer away from pets, especially dogs!

How do I clean my retainer?

To clean your retainer, use a soft toothbrush with water and mouthwash. Do not use toothpaste because it is abrasive and it will make the retainer rough which attracts more plaque. Denture cleaning tablets (Polident) can also be used to clean your retainer and are available at most drug stores.

How do I clean my permanent retainer?

​It is critical to clean your permanent retainer to avoid tartar buildup and gingival inflammation. Make sure you brush your teeth from behind and use a floss threader or Superfloss to clean underneath the wire. Let us know if you are having difficulty.

What If I lose or break my retainer?

Let us know right away if your retainer is broken or lost or if you notice changes in your tooth alignment or bite. Teeth can shift within a few days so do not wait too long. There may be an additional fee to replace your retainer(s).